Pythonic scripting interface for Comsol Multiphysics®.

Comsol is a commercial software application that is widely used in science and industry for research and development. It excels at modeling almost any (multi-)physics problem by solving the governing set of partial differential equations via the finite-element method. It comes with a modern graphical user interface to set up simulation models and can be scripted from Matlab® or via its native Java API.

This library brings the dearly missing power of Python to the world of Comsol — at least on Windows (for now). It leverages the universal Python-to-Java bridge provided by JPype to access the native API, and wraps it in a layer of pythonic ease-of-use. The Python wrapper only covers common scripting tasks, such as loading a model from a file, modifying some parameters, running the simulation, to then evaluate the results. Though the full functionality is available to those willing to drop down to the Java layer underneath.

Comsol models are marked by their .mph file extension, which stands for multi-physics. Hence the name of this library. It is open-source and in no way affiliated with Comsol Inc., the company that develops and sells the simulation software.