MPh is available on PyPI and can be readily installed via

pip install MPh

Run pip uninstall MPh to remove the package from your system.

Requires JPype for the bridge from Python to Comsol’s Java API and NumPy for returning (fast) numerical arrays. Pip makes sure the two Python dependencies are installed and adds them if missing.

Comsol, obviously, you need to license and install yourself. Versions 5.5 and newer are expected to work, i.e. have been tested. A separate Java run-time environment is not required as Comsol ships with one already built in.

Comsol is expected to be installed in the default location suggested by its installer. Though on Windows, custom locations are also supported, as the installer stores that information in the central registry, which MPh looks up.

Additionally, whichever Comsol installation starts when you run comsol in the console, will be found as well, even if in a custom location.

If you want to be able to select an alternative Comsol installation via MPh’s API, by passing the version argument to mph.start(), and that Comsol version happens to be installed in a custom location, you can create a symbolic link in ~/.local on Linux and in ~/Application on macOS. Have it point to the corresponding Comsol folder and give the link a name that starts with comsol.